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Happy New Year to you all!

I entered 2008 feeling positive and expecting GREAT things that I KNOW I will get! For my first post of 2008, I have a guest. David M. Bailey is no ordinary one. I got to know David when I interviewed him for a book in 2002. His story inspired me. While I interviewed him as a musician, he is so much more—a troubadour who travels the country spreading hope and faith. You see, David was given no more than 6 months to live when he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

That was in 1996! Every July I’m delighted to get his email celebrating another year of proving the docs wrong!

David pursued his music passion in college, playing extensively in an original acoustic duo, but after graduation, traded his guitar for corporate America. After being told he was going to die, David left his corporate job and returned to his first love—songwriting and performing. Since then, he has cranked out one CD after another, sharing his hope and music with many thousands of fans. All of his CDs reflect his positive attitude about hope and living life. They are wonderful to listen to and make thoughtful gifts for people who might have a personal struggle (and who doesn’t!).

I sent David’s “Faith” CD to a woman I correspond with in Tehran, Iran. She translated one of my books 5 years ago and we’ve had an email friendship ever since. Nasrin loved the CD! She’s been struggling with some issues with her life in Iran and found a lot of hope in David’s words and music. You can hear hear David’s music on his website.

Eleven years, 16 albums, & 44 states later, David continues speaking to audiences with his music and inspirational talks that challenge us all to live passionately and treasure the beauty of each new day!

This morning I got this poem from David and asked if I could share it on my blog. He sends beautiful messages to those of us on his mailing list. It inspired me so I hope it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling too!

Another year has passed us by
we breathe, we laugh we learn we cry
we wrestle with the great unknown
and struggle not to feel alone
we look around to find the love
and pray for blessings from above
we toss our coins in the fountain of hope
and make our wish that we can cope
with all that waits around the bend
its so hard to comprehend
yet as I try to look ahead
my eyes are turned behind instead
One year ago this very day
I recall the words i tried to say
I am not sure exactly how
But i looked ahead to well, right now.
I wondered if I’d still be here
Alot can happen in a year
And alot did. that’s for sure
Did I mention that I went on tour?
Felt like i went everywhere
But it’s a mighty big world that waits out there.
Bla blah blah that news is old
those episodes have all been told
For all we did there’s more to do
You already know that’s true
that’s not the point i’m trying to make
Here’s the point for goodness’ sake
a year ago i could not have said
what would happen in the year ahead
that year ahead is now behind
A couple things come to mind
It doesn’t matter where you went
What matters is how the time was spent
It doesn’t matter who you met
what matters is who you don’t forget
It doesn’t matter the battles you lost
It matters if you learned the cost
It doesn’t matter the games you played
What matters is the friends you made
It doesn’t matter who you know
What matters is the care you show
It doesn’t matter if you learned to grieve
What matters that you still believe
Believe in faith, hope and love
That’s what this life is all made of
3 simple words are still the reason
we pull ourselves through each new season
So yes, we made it you and I
One more year to dream and try
One more day – 365
It’s beautiful to be alive
these words were quick just off the cuff
And I’ve already said enough
I fear if I take any more time
I’ll just sound like a nursery rhyme
I probably already do
Which should be my final clue
To end this quickly- end it now!
I’m just not sure that I know how
To end it well. oh what the
Hello everybody and happy new year! 🙂

You can find more about David at If you or someone you know could use some hope, faith, or just some great music, you can order his CDs at

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