Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

I’m a freelancer. No salary or benefits. According to people who see how I live, no security. But, I feel very secure because my spiritual mindset is strong. The Law of Attractions supports my thoughts and brings me whatever I need, because I expect it to come!
I hear people concerned about money:

* “I’ll get a new car IF I can come up with the money.”
* “IF I don’t get a raise, I’ll have to move.”
* “Daylle, what will you do IF you don’t get enough work this month?”

The common denominator in the above is IF. Because I expect to always have enough for what I need, I wonder where my money will come from, not IF I’ll get it. This makes a profound difference in what I attract. Fear and tentative expectations show a lack of faith. And a lack of faith doesn’t support you in getting what you want!

I’ve been talking about changing habits. Break the habit of thinking in terms of “IF I have the money.” Think with expectation about where it can come from. I’ve had moments where my checking account was on empty. Rent was due in 2 weeks and I had no income. Was I worried? Nope! Did I call around to borrow money? Nope again. I continued to put it out that I expected a source of income. And I always get enough for what I need. ALWAYS!

Since I also help others write their books, a guy offered me a big chunk of money to help him write his a while back. What good luck you might be thinking. It would have been had I accepted the guy’s offer. But I didn’t. I wasn’t interested in his topic and he seemed a bit weird. Since I only do projects I’m interested in, I turned him down, even though I wanted the money. Okay, I needed the money! But instead of agreeing to write the book for lots of money, I said out loud, “Close one door and another two open.” A few days later I got a great project and my checking account got healthier. And then something else materialized.

Worry doesn’t attract money and it can keep it from coming to you the way you’d like it!

A friend who knows me well teases that she doesn’t wonder IF I’ll get my rent. Instead, she loves to see where it will come from. She’s seen over and over that somehow, some way, from somewhere, I always get the money I need at the right time. The next time you express concern about IF you’ll have enough money or IF you can increase what you have by a lot, get rid of the IF and replace it with faith. Write down what you want and why you deserve to get it.

We get back what we put out. So get into better habits of expecting money to flow to you with ease if you want to increase your abundance.

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