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Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Last night I flipped on The Bachelor for a peek and was horrified. This show is so degrading to women!! Considering how we’re supposed to be getting more empowered, this show is going backwards! I know much of it is probably scripted. But still. How can all those attractive, fit women vie for what they treat as a PRIZE??! Yet there they are, strutting their stuff and doing whatever they can to compete for the heart of one man. Meanwhile young women are getting the image of gorgeous women being pathetic in the pursuit of a man.

What an awful message it sends to single women!

It’s bad enough to see these women getting all-emotional about getting a rose each week. Begging, pleading, praying for one. Like true love will evaporate without one. Don’t any of these women have a life? Or self-respect? Last night they were crawling around on the floor, begging for a rose. Putting on a show for this man whose ego must be blown up beyond belief. Degrading themselves to impress this one man into believing she cares for him the most. Is any man worth that?

NO! You can’t negotiate, score, or plead for real love.

How can women feel empowered when they still believe that happiness won’t be theirs without a man? It’s a frightening message to other women, especially young ones! I HATE the idea of teenage girls watching this show. Too many women believe they need a man to complete them. Watching these attractive women beg for a rose and pray this man will choose them makes an average looking chick even more insecure about getting her own guy. The Bachelor reinforces the mindset I encourage women to get rid of.

Desperation! Our society reinforces that women get desperate for a romantic partner.

The Bachelor reinforces what I’ve been writing about in an effort to help women learn to empower themselves. In All Men Are Jerks Until Proven Otherwise, http://www.daylle.com/daylle/bookinfo-jerks.html I try to help women learn to value themselves. Why treat men as a prize. I consider myself a prize for any guy lucky enough to be with me. ? Women need to learn to value themselves and get a life! It makes them more attractive and also feels better.

This show illustrates desperation at the next level. Why aren’t women taught to value themselves as a prize?

Love takes time to develop. These women fall in love in a week. That’s not real love. It’s neediness! And it defiles real love. They sob that they were hoping to find true love here. Hello! Even scripted, it sucks, and reinforces the need for a man. It’s rare to find love on a TV show. I don’t think any of the many bachelors ended up with the chosen woman. They all broke up once they got to know each other in real life. I could be wrong but the only couple I know of who married is Trista and Ryan. And SHE chose him on The Bachelorette!

What happened to The Bachelorette??

Interesting how that show didn’t do well enough to continue. Is it not taken seriously that men would vie for one woman? Was it too scary to see a woman in control? This one-way romance game show is unfair! Why not show women as a prize too? We are, once we recognize it! ?

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