Lessons from a Recovering Doormat
October 2007 Archives

Life can seem negative if you see yourself as a victim the way many DoorMats do. When I was one, I waited for the next bad thing to happen, and my attitude attracted more bad stuff. When you don’t feel […]

The cat name I can claim depends on the guy I date. If he’s younger than me, I’m a cougar, according to the latest pop culture labels. And if he’s older, I’m a kitten. A woman becomes different versions of […]

You may not have succeeded in everything you want yet. There might not be a romantic partner in your life. Money might be a little tight. But as long as you have integrity, consider yourself a success! Many people get […]

Since this week I’ve been encouraging you to be true to what you really want, I’ll end the week with this thought. People continue to do what they get away with. If you don’t tell them that something is unacceptable, […]

I seemed to strike a nerve with my post on Tuesday about separating your thoughts from what you think others want, or what you’ve been in the habit of agreeing to. DoorMats are especially vulnerable to being acquiescent in a […]

Self-empowerment is a body, mind and spirit mission—a total and comprehensive effort to take control of all aspects of your life that influence your decisions and your happiness. I consider taking control of your body a very important endeavor! When […]

Today Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell posted an interview with me on her blog, K.C.’s Write For You. This blog is about the freelance writing life life, which I’m part of. If you’d like to know a little more about me in relation […]

I was just talking to a music producer who said that when a new client comes in, the first thing he asks is “What exactly do you want?” Musicians are often surprised that he asks, and even more surprise when […]

I just caught the end of The Bachelor. Had to. It’s comedy on the one hand. But it sends a very sad message on the other. They all hoped to kiss this bigger than life man. Each woman lunged for […]

In my last post, Chris Melton talked about how your must walk the walk of your dreams by taking action. It’s easy to dream and hard to enact them. Are you one of those dreamers? I had many back when […]