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“The ordinary… is the part of our world where beauty is interlaced in each detail… It’s the part of our world that can knock our socks off… but so many of us walk by everyday, never knowing, never caring… But […]

  For Groundhog’s Day we wanted to give you a reminder that no matter what ole’ Phil says, you can make today a beautiful, sunny day! Enjoy. xo

The day I finally met Noonie Thompson was a good one. I had heard about her through various friends and she was described as bigger than life itself… Beautiful, brilliant, funny… mother of 4 kids, wife of DT (a very […]

If you ran the world, what would you do? Is there something about your community you think could be improved? With the new website,, all you need to get started is that seed of an idea. Describing the world’s […]

Dr. Drip. The Frondz. Greenhaus. No, these names are not those of contestants on an MTV reality show about up-and-coming rappers. Rather, they are the aliases of members of Los Angeles-based Guerrilla Gardening troupe. Their posted mission is “to beautify […]

The best thing about running  a business like mine is that you come into contact with the most incredible people in the world. Because everything we do is based on doing good, giving back and making an impact, everything we […]

Ever dreamed of uprooting yourself and moving from the city to the country? Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell did, and now they’ve got the farm to prove it! Wielding goats, a mansion and chemical-free handmade products including the exceedingly popular […]

  Hi and welcome to Lemons to Lemonade! My name is Amy Jurkowitz and I am the CEO of Milkshake, a daily email featuring great finds that give back (yes, please check it out – I am thrilled to be […]