Lemons to Lemonade

Success. However you define it, one thing’s for sure–it doesn’t always come easy! Comedian Demetri Martin lent his take on this phenomenon graphically in his book, This Is a Book. (Yes, that’s really the name of the book.) Hilarious and true!

Would you ever think that World War II Marines could have imagined the duffel bags they lugged around would 70 years later carry lipstick and sunglasses? Pretty far out, right? Well–Alice Saunders could. After checking out an old military duffel bag at the flea market, the former history major decided to use her love for re-purposed fashion to create a line of truly unique accessories. Enter: Forestbound. And we’re head over heels for these bags.

Why We Love It…

Each bag is one of kind and crafted with her New Englander’s rugged sense of fashion and fastidious attention to detail. Forestbound has also captured the attention of national boho-chic retailer Anthropologie—just further proof that the aesthetic is pitch-perfect.


The Good News

Each Forestbound bag is made from well-worn historic fabrics and hardware—including duffel bags carried by World War II marines. “I was inspired by the idea of turning something old and forgotten into a practical object that I could use every day,” Saunders said.


Want Your Own?

Grab a bag for yourself at


Original Carryall bags run from $120-$300; pouches range between $30-$40.

Define your own road in life.

That’s the motto of Road Trip Nation, a movement that helps connect people with the careers they’ve been dreaming of. The organization began in 2001, when the group’s founders–four friends fresh out of college–set off in a bright green RV and trekked all over the U.S. interviewing people who were successful at their careers. Specifically, they sought out people who had done it by following their own hearts and forging their own ways in the world. What they learned about embracing personal passion above the expectations of others was something they knew they had to share with the world. They wrote a book, made a movie, and continued to explore.

Now, the crew has established a nonprofit arm that uses the many interviews collected over the years to help educate middle school, high school, and college students about the wide range of exciting career opportunities out there. “The continuing mission of Roadtrip Nation is to get people to participate in the Movement by empowering them to find what they love, contacting people that live a life that inspires them, gather a team to interview those people in order to learn from their stories, and to share these experiences with others.”

Are you doing something you absolutely love? Consider getting involved with Road Trip Nation and share your story with the world! You can weigh in on a variety of topics and share your take with others who can grow and learn from your words. Life’s an amazing journey – we love Road Trip Nation’s commitment to making it the best it can be!

Presidents’ Day comes but once a year. And while it sometimes gets cast aside as far as patriotic holidays go (can you blame poor Presidents’ Day for not having fireworks?!), this year how about making Presidents’ Day shine like the unique holiday it is? We’ve compiled the most innovative patriotic edible goodies we could find. And surprise — they’re not all desserts!


Elissa of the blog 17 and Baking  says that, while making a patriotic cake, she “didn’t want to mess around with blueberries and strawberries on the top.” She feels that’s overdone, and instead brought the colorful part of the cake inside using multiple layers of white cake and food coloring. We love her innovation and the effort she put into developing this recipe! We also can’t get enough of the cream cheese frosting.



While he was born on October 1st, creating a dish this Presidents’ Day in honor of America’s favorite peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter, is also an appropriate (and delicious!) way to spend the holiday. We found the creamy, peanut buttery recipe for “Jimmy Carter Pudding,” also known as “Presidents’ Pudding” at CD Kitchen.




Susan Russo, cookbook author and the Food Blogga, admits she’s not generally super jazzed about themed foods. But we’re glad she made an exception for this potato salad made with three different kids of spuds: “old fashioned white russet, delicate red-skinned taters, and sassy All-Blue potatoes (which are sometimes labeled purple Peruvian).” Yum!



Another delicious variant from the standard cookies/cupcake route is to go for cheesecake bars. They’re excellent for the flag pattern since they’re already white. All You recommends using blueberries and red jelly to pipe stripes across these great treats.




In 2009, design website Toxel recreated the flags of different countries using foods typically associated with those countries. How fun! It was done to promote the Sydney International Food Festival and raise awareness about all the great different cuisines out there. The results were amazing. We wonder what kind of flag they would have come up with for America (sadly left out of the collection). Any suggestions!?





Happy Presidents’ Day! What does this holiday mean to you? To us, it provides a much-needed opportunity to pull inspiration and strength from the two great leaders whose birthdays are honored on this day – Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. And as Presidents’ Day tends to be a bit, well, overlooked (Do you even have the day off work? If you’re at work, are there even cupcakes there?)…we’ve chosen messages that apply to daily life and can help us be the best humans we can be, each and every day.

Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire, called conscience.


Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?












“Our pets are our friends — our Little Friends! And they mean the world to us! Each of them has a unique and awesome personality, but it can be difficult to capture in a photograph.” -Seth Casteel

Today we’re loving the stunning and completely guffaw-inducing underwater dog photography of Seth Casteel of Little Friends Photo. Based in Los Angeles and Chicago and available nationwide, these images are just the thing for bringing up dreary wintertime spirits. Or just giving you something to giggle about once your Valentines’ sugar coma has worn off. Prints are available directly from the company’s website. Pick one up for your wall, or just take a look at his gallery – it’s sure to put a smile on your face!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and although it is a day filled with love, it is also a day sometimes filled with loneliness. We hope everyone has a relationship where they feel love and can pass it on.

There are so many quotes and a quick Google search will bring them all up, but a friend said the most profound thought yesterday and we share it with you:


“People say a relationship is 50/50. I don’t think that’s right. I think a true love relationship is 100/100. Each partner gives 100 percent of themselves to the other.”











Windows in abandoned shops. A city parking lot. A mechanic’s garage.

Let me guess: these aren’t places you generally expect to see fine art. But that’s changing! More specifically, the organization Phantom Galleries is changing that, one art installation at a time. Having started in Sacramento in the early 1990’s, Phantom Galleries now operate in cities all over the world. Now, cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Berlin have their own Phantom Gallery networks where they work with local urban planners, developers, store front owners, and real estate brokers to receive permission.

Phantom Gallery Los Angeles













We had a chat with Alpha Bruton, an artist and curator who invested in the original movement in Sacramento, and has directed the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network since 2005. Here are the highlights from our conversation with her:


One-sentence description of Phantom Galleries:

Installation artists exhibiting in alternative and temporary exhibition space, being their own curators.

Favorite project space:

A collaboration project was done last March in Logan Square in an old mechanic garage, 5400 square feet, I flew in fartists from Zwolle Netherlands, and Michigan without seeing the space, then converted into a gallery with live music jam sessions every night for 14 days. The space was full of art, art making, and musicians volunteering their time to collaborate with the guest curators.

What’s next for the movement?

The Phantom is opening two galleries in Chicago, and planning three other spaces. I get more emails from curators wanting a space than spaces available, so my job as chief curator is to locate a space that will fit the proposed project.

Inspirational effect:

I hope to inspire emerging installation artists to become their own curators and take charge in their own exhibition practice.






Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color.  ~Author Unknown