Lemons to Lemonade
January 2012 Archives

  “CA – COO! CA – COO!” The slam of the toilet seat lid followed by the door crashing against the backstop has already awakened me, so this mantra just gives me a headache.  It’s 5:30 in the morning. It’s […]

            Surely the best thing to ever come out of a fraternity kitchen experiment, Back to the Roots gourmet mushroom company was founded by 2009 UC Berkeley seniors Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora. After hearing […]

The day I finally met Noonie Thompson was a good one. I had heard about her through various friends and she was described as bigger than life itself… Beautiful, brilliant, funny… mother of 4 kids, wife of DT (a very […]

It is amazing how powerful a picture can be and these two take the cake. Who can look at these photos and do anything else except smile. “When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back […]

I was raised a good ole’ Southern girl in a good ole’ Southern family.  We believed that shopping and makeup could cover any wound.  No matter what was happening behind closed doors, and in our life there was plenty, you […]

                      According to the National Post, if Al Gore and Elle McPherson had a child together, she’d probably turn out like Summer Rayne Oakes. She’s totally fashionable and, at the […]

  In 1999, Saranne Rothberg was diagnosed with early stage IV cancer. And while getting chemotherapy one day at the hospital, she had a revelation: laughter truly is the best medicine! Laughter makes coping with trauma easier. And laughter can […]

If everyone could see beyond just black and white we would all be better off!        

I once heard a story about a comedian who was ticked off because a woman sitting in the front row at his show had her head resting on your husband’s shoulder the whole time, almost like she was nodding off. […]

Ever wanted an easy way to tell others about your favorite charitable organization? We found that a lot of great organizations offer tee shirts for purchase that let supporters literally wear their hearts on their sleeves. Check out some of […]