Leaving Salem
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Jesus said, “If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also.” These are some of the more knotty and uncomfortable words Jesus ever spoke. He seems to imply that his followers should be something like sponges. […]

Mennonites sometimes use the term “non-violent” evangelism. It is their way of describing the process of sharing their faith, without hurting those with whom they share. According to George Hunter, the Mennonites didn’t corner the market on this approach. It […]

Maybe Buddhists and Hindus are just as stubborn as Christians, but I don’t think so. We Christians are about as inflexible as they come. Of course many are all too happy with this assessment, equating rigidity with holiness. I’m just […]

Have you ever heard of a fellow named Sisyphus? I know. His name sounds like a communicable disease or something like that. But in Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a great king and founder of the ancient city of Corinth. In […]

It was one of those perfect mornings for doing nothing. No one had to be at work, a soccer game, baseball practice, or the football field. The weather outside was wet and cold. The thermostat was set just right. The […]

I still chuckle every time I hear the story. It seems a poor fellow’s vehicle had conked out on the side of the road. After waving about like a banshee for half an hour he finally convinced a speeding motorist […]