Leaving Salem
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A mammoth auditorium. Multiple projection screens. Thousands of dollars in sound, video, and lighting equipment. A stage larger than most middle class homes, and more greenery and floral arrangements than you would find at a Home Depot garden center. And […]

“I don’t read that article by Ronnie McBrayer,” I heard a critic say not long ago; a critic who did not know I was within earshot. “He thinks the Bible is just a bunch of stories.” Just a bunch of […]

He is six to fifteen feet tall. He weighs in excess of five hundred pounds. He is covered in dark brown or dark reddish hair. He is reported to have a strong, unpleasant smell. The people of Australia call him […]

Jesus said the worship demanded by God is worship that is “in spirit and in truth.” Now there is a phrase worth taking some time with: Spirit and truth. True worship, as defined by Jesus is a connection of the […]

Earlier this year my family and I rolled into the wild-west town ofFlagstaff,Arizona. It was an epic journey, one we had planned on for more than a year, and one I had anticipated since my first son was born more […]

The late devotional writer and Catholic priest Henri Nouwen compared the leap of faith we must make to follow Christ to the courage of a trapeze artist. This was something Nouwen knew about first hand. Nouwen traveled with the “Flying […]

His name was Jacob, and he lived up to his name. “Jacob” means “heel grabber,” or “one who causes others to stumble.” Not very flattering. Today we might use words like trickster, swindler, shyster, or con-artist. Jacob was the kind […]

Karl Barth was likely the greatest theologian of the twentieth century. He is best known as a prolific writer. His Church Dogmatics took more than thirty years to complete and is more than six million words long. Late is his […]

Curtain climbers. Yard monkeys. Ankle biters. I don’t know what you call them, but our children have been turned loose on the world. School is out for summer! By the end of summer I’m afraid my description of these little […]