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Herodotus in his Histories describes the primitive tribes that lived on the western shore of the Caspian sea in ancient times. Some, he reported, were said to “couple in the open…like animals in herds.” Perhaps that’s what we as a culture are […]

The truth, that is, about the impact on women if Savage’s dreams of men marrying men come true. In the gay marriage debate, heterosexual women are a crucial swing vote. Every poll I’ve looked at shows this: men are more opposed […]

The news that babies in the womb can hear and enjoy music leads Chuck Colson to a helpful formulation: “worldview-induced blindness.” A PBS documentary, The Music Instinct: Science & Song, notes and demonstrates this amazing fact about unborn children but the documentarians […]

Regarding the little interchange on gay marriage you may have noticed going on between this blog and Dan Savage readers at The Stranger, it’s been a minor nuisance unpublishing the obscene, angry, abusive comments from gay-marriage advocates. From dealing with the […]

Oh, now I know where all the incredibly nasty and vulgar commenters came from who joined our discussion when I posted Joshua Berman’s reflection on the threat gay marriage would pose to women. It was linked by editor Dan Savage […]

National support for state-sanctioned gay marriage has slipped recently. Thank goodness.  A while back I pointed out to you a midrashic tradition on Leviticus 18:3 that notes a feature of life in morally corrupt ancient Canaan: they practiced gay marriage, […]

A reader of yesterday’s entry on the first anti-Darwinists challenges me, in effect, to explain why if secularism is so deleterious to social health, why does a more religious culture like America’s seem beset by problems from which secular Europe […]

Somebody should write a book with that title. Reason 142? Wikipedia. For all that I make use of this Web resource every day, I often get a queasy feeling about it. Many “facts” I’ve come across I know to be […]

A friend responds perceptively to my dialogue with atheists, pointing out how reluctant many people are to honestly confront the unhappier consequences of their world view. Only a few atheists who wrote to me on this blog were willing to […]

Earlier this month I challenged believers in atheism to tell me how or if they find there to be meaning in life. Also, without a transcendent reality outside our own physical world that gives an objective definition to moral ideas, […]