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The news today brings multiple promptings to remind ourselves that the question of what a Jew really is can be answered in a couple of different ways.  Jeffrey Goldberg reminds some of his anti-Semitic email correspondents that Treasury secretary Tim Geitner […]

From Iran comes news that a 30-year-old man convicted of adultery has been stoned to death while his partner in “crime” was spared on account of her having repented. The Reuters story notes: According to Iran’s Islamic penal code, men […]

Something that’s surprised me about blogging on Beliefnet is how many atheists seem drawn to a website devoted specifically to spiritual expression. One commenter told me to “Go away!” A little bit ironic, don’t you think? Anyway, I have a […]

Over the Sabbath, my wife and my mother-in-law and I had the chance to hear a Torah discussion by Rabbi David Lapin, visiting from Toronto. A very understated and informal lecture on Jewish marriage law, but what charisma! You can hear him […]

A commenter on my previous entry about God’s “tinkering” with nature asks: If God interferes (making miracles, making species) to show us that he and we are free, then why doesn’t he make that more transparent?  Why is it so […]

Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed asks, “Why would God design a world where he needed to tinker constantly to make things work?” OK, JC, I’ll take you up on that. The same blog post suggests that the idea of intelligent design hasn’t stood […]

Just in time for Passover (which is just past), Princeton University Press brings out a book that seeks to debunk the parting of the Red Sea — whose anniversary we Jews just observed two days ago on the seventh day […]