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…on comments, in case you hadn’t noticed already, is to unpublish not only sock puppets but anything and everything written — past, present, and future — by any guest whose comments tend to be moronic, anti-Semitic, etc., even if he […]

That’s better. A while back I noted that I’d lost patience with sock puppetry in the comments threads here. In case you notice anything missing, I just took a moment and cleared out all the comments from our main sock […]

It’s been so illuminating to me, dealing with Darwinists all the time on this blog — cleaning up after them (unpublishing their rude comments, personal insults, etc.). Their purpose is intimidation. Normal people don’t enjoy dealing with rudeness, so they […]

My purpose here as always is to make sure that anyone with an idea or response to share will feel comfortable participating in any discussion sparked by this blog. Turmarion, a thoughtful reader and oftentimes critic of what I write, […]

Yesterday I wrote about the personal viciousness that issues from the Left in a way it doesn’t from the Right. This actually played a big role in the development of my own thinking, both religious (toward Orthodox Judaism) and political […]

Good news: As I know from the weekly reports I get from Beliefnet, traffic on this still relatively new blog keeps going up. That’s heartening. Yet if you follow the comments box at all here you will have noticed something […]

It can be a bit of a dilemma. I take down defamatory comments when I catch them — e.g., from the guy who hides behind religious-sounding pseudonyms but wants to use the combox to defame other people by name and […]

Let’s talk about some rules I’m now initiating in this space, which will become more relevant as the blog, so I hope, grows.  According to the Talmud, God allowed the first Temple in Jerusalem to be destroyed by the Babylonians […]

As the Torah commands, Jews power down for the first and last two days of Passover. So Wednesday and Thursday I will have to miss blogging. I’ll miss you but will be back on Friday. This post is being published […]

As the Torah commands, Jews power down for the first and last two days of Passover. So Thursday and Friday I will have to miss blogging, as well as on Saturday, which is Shabbat, the Sabbath. I’ll miss you but […]