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Try to imagine being operated on without anesthesia. A kidney is removed and then, while you are still fully awake, the surgeon displays it to you for your consideration in his hand. Sounds like a very bad nightmare but this […]

In a little write-up on a panel in New York of ex-Evangelical Christians turned secular literary intellectuals, Tablet magazine quotes critic James Wood of The New Yorker on Isaac Newton: Isaac Newton could quite happily exist today if he was […]

Yes, that’s right the famous “deist,” skeptic, and author of the Declaration of Independence judged that there was empirical evidence of a designing intelligence at work in biology, cosmology — and norms of justice, which in turn justified him in […]

A caller on the Michael Medved show yesterday tried to argue with MM that our country’s Founding Fathers were Noachides — or perhaps what he meant to say was that they included Noachides somewhat on the model of Abraham Lincoln, […]