Kingdom of Priests

I’m kicking myself right now. An old friend from the East Coast got in touch with me about setting up her brother-in-law with an eligible and attractive single Jewish woman here in Seattle, and did I know of such a person. It turns out I sure do but then I blundered. I told my friend that the woman I have in mind is shomer Shabbat. She observes the Sabbath. Immediately my friend, the other go-between, was wary. The guy in question is Reform, not observant at all. I’m very annoyed at myself because I know perfectly well that in Jewish dating — and let all Jewish singles hear this well — this is the kind of thing — like being a Republican — that you have to keep secret in dating till at least the third date. 

Anyway that’s my view. And you?

My perspective is that unless you are talking about an exclusively religious dating scene — and this is not the context here — then there are some things, some beliefs and practices, that can only be evaluated in a person once you know him, or in this case her, personally.  You do not have to lay all your cards on the table on a first date. You should not do so.

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