Kingdom of Priests
January 1, 1970 Archives

Just imagine: If the American Jewish community were known to stand predominantly for something grand, cosmic, eternal, permanent, and universal in significance, don’t you think the President of the United States would be likelier to listen to us when we […]

Yesterday, 16 top American Jewish leaders, representing 14 major Jewish organizations, met with Barack Obama in the White House. They had the ear of the president of the United States. From news reports, it seems they chose to talk about […]

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? This bears upon our earlier discussion of whether a horribly vile Lovecraftian creature would satisfy God as the ultimate product of an undirected process of evolution as imagined by Darwin. Impoverished island-dwelling […]

A final thought on hate and the condition to which traditional religious believers are subjected in this world. Judaism encourages us to look closely at the name of the Torah reading each week, always drawn from a word, sometimes a seeming […]