Kingdom of Priests

A caller on the Michael Medved show yesterday tried to argue with MM that our country’s Founding Fathers were Noachides — or perhaps what he meant to say was that they included Noachides somewhat on the model of Abraham Lincoln, who would undoubtedly fit the description. Michael of course knows his stuff and batted this down, though it’s something that I’ve wondered about myself. A longer discussion.

Meanwhile, JTA reports fascinatingly on the burgeoning Internet-based Noachide movement:

When Jack Saunders began questioning the core religious claims of Christianity in the mid-1980s, it set him on a journey that eventually led to his embrace of the Torah and Jewish teachings.

But rather than become Jewish, the former Baptist minister — at the time the head of a small rural parish near the Georgia-Tennessee border — ultimately took on the identity of a B’nai Noah, or Noahide. The term refers to the covenant that God made with Noah after the flood.

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