Kingdom of Priests


When I got home from work last night, our 7-year-old rushed up to me. He’s currently obsessed with Pokemon cards — which I had thought went out of business long ago but evidently I was wrong. He breathlessly explained, “Dad, I got a Raichu card today! Pikachu evolved into Raichu!” Pokemon evolutionary theory? I had to stop myself from laughing, as anyone who follows this blog will know why. Ezra informed me that when one Pokemon creature (in this case, a rabbi-like critter) dies, it comes back to life as a more evolved version with higher, more advanced HP value (I forget what that stands for but it’s very important).
Where have I heard something strangely like this, but from adults?
UPDATE: I loved this line from Wikipedia’s article on Pikachu: “In the Pokémon Yellow game, using a Thunder Stone on a Pikachu makes it cry and refuse to evolve.”
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