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National support for state-sanctioned gay marriage has slipped recently. Thank goodness.  A while back I pointed out to you a midrashic tradition on Leviticus 18:3 that notes a feature of life in morally corrupt ancient Canaan: they practiced gay marriage, […]

When you look at your face in the mirror, is what you see the stamp of God’s own image — not His face, because He doesn’t have a face or a body or any physical aspect, but His spiritual image? […]

This is the kind of thing that breaks my heart. The Forward, Jerusalem Post, and other media outlets are either chortling over or utterly bemused by a spat between two top contenders to be Israel’s next Sephardic chief rabbi. The […]

In a really interesting if slightly bizarre exchange between Robert Wright (The Evolution of God) and economist Tyler Cowen, Cowen, not a conventional religious believer and not Jewish, goes on about the Hebrew Bible and how it stands out from […]

I did a radio interview today with a fellow down in Texas who had a real preacher’s style. Entertaining guy but at one point he asked, letting his voice rise and rise like he was at the pulpit, “David, would […]

The Perplexing Sentence of the Day Award goes to Hadara Graubart at Tablet who responds to my posts on shunning Messianic Jews (emphasis added): Klinghoffer pats himself on the back for “daring” to suggest that Messianic Jews have something in common with […]

It is, of course, the comparison that only this blog would dare to make. But isn’t it obvious? Messianic Jews, of whom we spoke in the previous entry, think you can coherently believe in Jesus and Judaism. Theistic evolutionists think […]

Back in 1998, at the time of Israel 50th birthday, my friend Rabbi Daniel Lapin withstood a harsh round of controversy and criticism from the Jewish community when he spoke at a huge Christian pro-Israel conference in Orlando, Florida. Why? Because […]

Over at Evolution News & Views, I have a two-parter up on Darwinism’s failed predictions, an interview with molecular biophysicist Cornelius Hunter, that I recommend to you. Excerpt: The testability of scientific ideas by making predictions about reality is a favorite […]

A new video of American Al-Qaeda-nik Adam Gadahn, a/k/a Azzam the American, includes Gadahn’s admission that his grandfather was Jewish — “a Zionist and a zealous supporter of the usurper entity and a prominent member of a number of Zionist hate organizations. He used […]