Kingdom of Priests

It can be a bit of a dilemma. I take down defamatory comments when I catch them — e.g., from the guy who hides behind religious-sounding pseudonyms but wants to use the combox to defame other people by name and then calls me a “coward” for deleting him. I want normal people of whatever view always to feel comfortable about reading and leaving comments, not like they need to take a shower afterward. Crude comments spoil an interesting if contentious discussion for everyone else. So they have to go.

On the other hand, sometimes the puerilely insulting remarks from anti-intelligent design folks are just so wonderfully revealing of a mindset that I actually treasure them and wouldn’t dream of deleting them.

And no this is not a plant or a put-on. It’s from a guy who signs himself as Bobxxxx, responding to a post he didn’t like.

David Klinghoffer is one of the retards who work for the Discovery Institute, also known as the Dishonesty Institute. It’s a Christian creationist organization. Their only goal is too destroy America’s science education to defend their idiotic belief in magic.

The retard David Klinghoffer calls his magic “intelligent design” as if calling it that makes it any less childish.

What’s your problem David Klinghoffer? Why are you so terrified of modern biology? Grow up moron.

Does this not sound like something straight out of junior high school? It’s not so unusual either. What more can one say? Thanks, Bobxxxx, you made me laugh on a dark, rainy Seattle spring day.
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