Kingdom of Priests

Melanie Phillips has another terrific post about the “Secular Inquisition” being waged on behalf of Darwinism. When will they start stoning Intelligent Design advocates?

She begins this way:

The response to my post below on Intelligent Design has provided illuminating and revealing evidence of the ignorance, confusion, distortions, irrationality and malice that characterise this debate. For those who appear to assume I am part of some cosmic Christian conspiracy to destroy science and deny the laws of nature, let me first of all gently enlighten you: I am an agnostic if traditionally-minded Jew; not a scientist, not a philosopher, not a subscriber to any kind of -ology but a mere journalist who has always gone wherever the evidence has led and, trying not to make too many mistakes, has formed her conclusions and her opinions from that process.

The reference to “malice” rings a bell of recognition with me. I am of course joking about an initiative to stone ID theorists. (Or as Melanie Phillips finds it necessary to remind some of her readers, “Atheists! Joke alert!!”) But the way this subject twists people and brings out real hate from the other side is quite remarkable. Just read through the comments she gets.

Notice also the self-identification by Phillips, author of Londonistan, as a Jewish agnostic. I had not been sure about her religious stance before I read that. Her doubts about Darwinism do not come out of any Jewish or other “fundamentalism.”
Read the rest on her blog over at the London Spectator.
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