Kingdom of Priests
January 1, 1970 Archives

It’s always a hoot to be fired upon by Little Green Footballs. A friend emails, “He proved himself a demagogue by what he didn’t quote” from my earlier post. Last time this happened, I wrote a series at Evolution News & […]

Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist and sometimes hailed as the world’s smartest man, is reported “very ill” and as having been rushed to the hospital. Newspaper writers are working on obituaries. An interesting sidelight, that one hopes will not prove poignant […]

I received an email from a Jewish historian and journalist I respect very much, including this thought: I envy your finding [spiritual life] “at home” so to speak in Judaism, but alas the worship of a Jewish God who found […]

I’ve learned to temper both my thoughts and how I express them — a little bit! — since I wrote a 1998 piece for First Things about the Holocaust in light of the Hebrew Bible that was subsequently denounced in […]

  I’ve long been fascinated by the image of the Tree of Death, parallel to the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and cryptically referred to in mystical texts explaining the Hebrew Bible: And out of the ground […]