Kingdom of Priests
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Is Judaism a race or a mission? Last week when I began writing this blog, my Beliefnet editor advised me about some recent trends in Jewish-related web searches. After all, we’re trying to keep things relevant here.  It turns out that […]

Thanks and congratulations to the editors of Mishpacha, a popular Orthodox Jewish magazine, for marking this year of Darwin anniversaries with a frank look at Darwinism’s cultural consequences. The author is also the author of this blog. I note the […]

Newsweek published its list of the 50 most influential rabbis, and the usually entertainingly acerbic Failed Messiah comments blandly, “Star power trumps community influence.” There’s much more that we can say than that.  This list, which will be the talk of […]

Have you seen the new Nicolas Cage movie Knowing? It’s actually pretty effective as science fiction entertainment, but what fascinates me about it is the weird way it raises questions about destiny or predestination that have been bugging me all […]