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This is not a time to get weepy or maudlin about Sen. Kennedy. He really has just begun to fight. I know what I’m talking about. Five years ago, in the earliest hours of Palm Sunday morning, a doctor informed […]

Day one in Uganda and we’re visiting one of Compassion International’s church partner sites. We are outside touring the new toilet facilities they have constructed and I notice a shadow moving towards me. The shadow is, oh, huge. The shadow […]

Important and fascinating story in today’s New York Times about a new theory in cancer treatment – a theory about to be tested in humans: Within the next few months, researchers at three medical centers expect to start the first […]

I missed this yesterday and perhaps everyone has already seen it, but this made my jaw drop for several reasons. First, that scientists were able to put the pieces together to make this conclusion. That is just staggering to me. […]

In today’s Wall Street Journal, a fascinating piece by a long-time, pro-environment scientist who does not deny the reality of global warming but rather tries to put in perspective… in hopes that we don’t forget to take care of things […]

An evolution bombshell is going off right now. Since it is an “evolution bombshell” that means it is exploding very slowly and deliberately through the pages of academic journals and the press. The bottom line is that the iconic theory […]