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I couldn’t escape the horror – that was the horror. That was my 2am realization. As I stood inside that 6′ x 6′ hell hole and as I walked through the slum the horror was that I couldn’t get away […]

Tonight I am numb. I came to Uganda prepared to see suffering, to celebrate hope, and to provide – in the smallest ways through this blog – an insight for others into that mysterious thing called poverty. What I wanted […]

I am watching John Edwards suspend his campaign and I am sad. I’m sad that his relentless voice for the poor and against the two Americas in which we live is leaving this race. I’m sad because we live in […]

John DiIulio, noted sociologist (and criminologist and political scientist and head of Bush’s Faith-Based office)(and dear friend) has written a piece in First Things about which candidates are the best on poverty issues. His answer? “Honest Mike and Sister Hillary” […]

I was talking to my friend Pia last week about poverty. She is an extraordinary woman committed to serving God with mind, heart, and hands. As we talked, she raised a question about the nature of poverty – about what […]

Several months ago I posted a story about a man in Hawaii who was giving away houses and suggested he be nominated for an award for his kindness. I haven’t paid nearly enough attention to finding such stories. I came […]

In today’s Philly Inquirer, noted UPenn professor, sociologist, author, and former Bush faith-based head, John DiIulio writes a tenderly devastating piece about Bush’s “compassion contradiction” that still offers Bush a chance to do the right thing. DiIulio notes that it […]