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25 years after Thriller, Michael Jackson is rereleasing the album with bonus tracks produced by some of today’s most influential artists including Kanye West, Akon and Will. I. Am.Here is the audio to the remake of “The Girl is Mine” […]

Ok, this is kind of funny

I am completely new to the social networking world. I really only heard the term six months or so ago – an ‘early adopter’ I’m not. To boot, Beliefnet has a new social networking element that is fantastic and I’m […]

Apple guy v. Mac guy… from a slightly different perspective

U2 has a new film opening. It is a 3D take on them in concert. It was… stupendous. The film can only be seen on IMAX screens so right off the bat it is 60 feet tall. To make it […]

He is doing his keynote at MacWorld… I can’t watch it live but am following it at Four million iPhones have already sold. They are introducing new software for the iPhone – that includes a GPS-like map locator, the […]

Wired has a big story detailing the iPhone’s creation. It is a good read.

Ok, debate reality check. While these guys are yipping at each other the NFL playoffs are going on – specifically the Redskins and Seahawks are playing deep into the 4th quarter in a really close and exciting game. I’m wondering […]

If one needed any further proof of the message American sports sends to kids consider this – the man who was fined more than any other coach in NFL history for cheating has been chosen coach of the year by […]

What are the best political songs?My wife’s favorite is Famine by Sinead O’Connor.U2’s Bad is another strong entry. Then there is this:What think you?