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Thank you Andrew Sullivan for finding this. Can someone come up with a good haiku for high cows? Winner will get a $15 iTunes gift certificate.

There will be no OJ posts in this blog. None (apart from this one). I can’t stand to think about it – about any of it. I remember back in the “summer of OJ” I had a colleague who watched […]

When did hypocrisy become the greatest of all vices? I obviously overstate but to look at the news is to see joyous revelry at revelations of hypocrisy – Larry Craig, Al Gore’s flying around in private jets, John Edwards driving […]

Did the South Korean government go too far in negotiating for the release of the hostages? Talk about a hard case. Everyone should be celebrating the release of those men and women. How truly, truly wonderful. At the same time, […]

Michael Vick this morning: “We all make mistakes. I made a mistake for using bad judgement and making bad decisions,” Vick said. “Dogfighting is a terrible thing and I didn’t reject it. … Through this situation I found Jesus and […]

Today Michael Vick will face justice for his abominable actions. Abominable isn’t even the right word. Horrifying isn’t right. Nothing seems good enough to describe what he did. God gave us dominion over creation but that means he gave us […]

As fall – the most wonderful time of the year – approaches things will heat up. I’ll be blogging a lot more. Because fall will mean a rapid upturn in political coverage that means I’ll be blogging more on politics […]

Whenever there is a disaster it is Christian relief and development organizations that are among the first on the ground. This is a fact too often lost in “sexier” conversations about politics or theology. But in Peru and in Southeast […]

Following up on yesterday’s post on Kia Vaughn’s lawsuit against Don Imus, I received this wonderful email from our friend Thinker who has found a perfect and profound quote from Richard Rohr: “The psychological age has found a surprising and […]

There is a Christian nation. It just isn’t America. It is the global nation of those who follow Jesus. It is hard for me to think that way but I think it is the right way to look at the […]