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This one is beyond puzzling. The Bureau of Prisons has assembled a list of “acceptable” religions books. That means that in prisons across America libraries are being stripped of religious texts not on the approved list. You couldn’t have sold […]

Did the South Korean government go too far in negotiating for the release of the hostages? Talk about a hard case. Everyone should be celebrating the release of those men and women. How truly, truly wonderful. At the same time, […]

Over the past few months as people asked the question, “Why hasn’t Gonzales resigned yet?” the answer I kept hearing was two words long, “Karl Rove.” The White House fear was that if Gonzales left all the Democrats firepower would […]

Long article in yesterday’s NYT Sunday Magazine on how the West’s march towards rational secularism is stopped dead in its tracks by the political fundamentalism of radical Islam. A little more than two centuries ago we began to believe that […]

Pete Wehner, once Mike Gerson’s deputy in the White House, and a friend of colleague of Mike’s (and mine) since the early 1990s writes a fact-based response to Matt Scully’s piece attacking Gerson at National Review Online. Wehner, someone singled […]

Steve Jobs couldn’t be much more loyal to the Democratic Party. A review of his giving finds more than $250,000 going to Democratic candidates. He did give $1,000 to a Republican once… in 1982. Karl Rove couldn’t be much more […]

More on “In God We Trust” on our currency. John E. points out: American presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt strongly disapproved of the idea of evoking God within the context of a “cheap” political motto. In a letter to William […]

An email is making its way back around about the new dollar coins – not that anyone really knows we have the coins or cares that we do – omitting “In God We Trust” from them: Subject: DO NOT ACCEPT […]

Is the complete mess of the Republican party any clearer than with the fact that all of these men who are trying to compete for votes and attention – and are really trying to mobilize the completely disinterested conservative Christian […]