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We are beginning our ridiculous Christmas weekend. For the first time we’re actually doing Christmas in our own home. We typically fly or drive to our childhood homes and have wonderful times of celebration. Because we do that, however, we […]

I’m not sure I should be as pleased by this as I am. But I am. One of my daughters is learning pre-algebra. She’s 12 and loquacious and isn’t a big fan of her math teacher. Yesterday, the teacher was […]

Our long weekend of family thanksgiving is over. My older daughters are back at home with their mom. The babies are asleep. Kim and I are trying to get the house back in basic functioning order. Our sweet dog Sam […]

My fiendish older daughters showed this to me last night. I’m such a sucker for things like this. They knew that. I’ll have to ground them later. Right now I have to play some more. Helicopter Game

We are actively deceiving our two-year-old daughter and my guilt is getting the best of me. The area of deception centers around food – specifically on “ice cream.” Last night I heard her saying “green ice cream, I want green […]

I’m reading a story in today’s NYT about kids being picky eaters: A week’s worth of dinners for young Fiona Jacobson looks like this: Noodles. Noodles. Noodles. Noodles. French fries. Noodles. On the seventh day, the 5-year-old from Forest Hills, […]

I would love to post this picture and wax nostalgic about how in the midst of really impressive kitchen mess (created, believe it or not, just since lunch today) I felt God’s presence and fell to the ground in holy […]

Time: 9am Date: Today Place: Bathroom I walk into our upstairs bathroom and find our two-year-old, Livvy, looking at our toiler saying, “Where is my flusher?” “Where did my flusher go?” Her arms are out at her side in bewilderment. […]

I think I am a pregnant woman. No, I think I appreciate what it is like to be a pregnant woman. Sort of. So I finished another round of chemo last week. For two and a couple days afterwards I […]

Sometimes it is harder to pray for a person without seeing their face. Here is a picture of Mitch and his family… let’s keep praying that God keeps them whole. Go Mitch go.