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Note – Most of my blogging now occurs at a new media company. My blog is here. John McCain had a good night at Rick Warren’s forum on faith and character and so on. Barack Obama had a better […]

This post comes from Ian Spier, an ORU graduate: The ORU scandal has many an alumni concerned–concerned that a university with already questionable credibility has now lost whatever shred of it remained, and concerned, as a result, that their degree […]

A recent meeting of leading evangelical leaders issued a statement about evangelicalism that read, in part: “We have become deeply concerned about some movements within traditional evangelicalism that seem to be diminishing the church’s life and leading us away from […]

The newest controversy at Oral Roberts University is most easily summarized this way: Three professors, John Swails, Tim Brooker and Paulita Brooker, were fired for allegedly voicing concerns about the university’s involvement in Tulsa’s recent mayoral race — a move […]

Wondering if this pushes the limits of ‘Christian outreach’? Another massively popular Halo video game is out, which means another controversial opportunity for churches to outreach to youth. Already passed $300 million in sales, Halo 3 is being picked up […]

Here are two quick videos about the new book, unChristian: and

A new book is out from the president of the Barna Group – an evangelical polling, consulting, uber group. His name is David Kinnaman and along with Gabe Lyons he has written a book that is a sober read for […]

From Charisma Magazine’s editorial page a devastating critique of “Christian celebrity”: One friend of mine in Texas recently inquired to see if a prominent preacher could speak at her conference. The minister’s assistant faxed back a list of requirements that […]

So why do people have such a problem with Sen. Hillary Clinton? One reader, Jillian, puts the question this way: Ask people about Hillary Clinton and you get the same range of admiring and abyssmally jealous/resentful/ego-violated scornful responses as you […]

James Dobson has spoken – written, actually – about Fred Thompson. Note – he doesn’t like him: “Isn’t Thompson the candidate who is opposed to a Constitutional amendment to protect marriage, believes there should be 50 different definitions of marriage […]