J Walking

The Three Little Pigs are directly responsible for the degradation of American creativity and general childhood guilt. For the past several weeks the Golden Books version of The Three Little Pigs has made it onto Livvy’s high demand book rotation. […]

Has anyone read The Shack? If so, what were your thoughts?

Note – Most of my blogging now occurs at a new media company. My blog is here. Very interesting little MTV interview with pop sensation Katy Perry – of “I Kissed a Girl” and “Ur So Gay” fame. It […]

Twice in the last 48 hours God has winked at me. They were wry little winks – ones of the sort that I might normally miss. This evening a friend who I haven’t heard from in months and months texted […]

Several months ago – around the time I stopped blogging with any regularity – someone accused me of being the devil. And if it wasn’t the devil, then it was certainly one of his minions. It is hard to shake […]

How different are they? Really? James Dobson and Barack Obama? On the face of it there is little, save their shared humanity, that seems to unite the two men. From their skin color to their positions on abortion, gay marriage, […]

Even though I’m a Mac guy, here’s a Windows take on Barack Obama. He is the ‘ctrl-alt-del’ candidate. He is the guy people are looking to restart, reboot, Washington DC and all that it has come to symbolize. It is […]

I understand – in a small way – what it is like to come out of the closet. I say that because I feel like I have to continually come out of the closet and say, “Hey, wait, I’m a […]

This is not a time to get weepy or maudlin about Sen. Kennedy. He really has just begun to fight. I know what I’m talking about. Five years ago, in the earliest hours of Palm Sunday morning, a doctor informed […]

And now there is our friend Peter Ahlstrom: I’ve read your blog daily for about a year, and occasionally commented. Tempting Faith got me started. You caught my interest with your stand on helping the poor, and on fasting from […]