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Welcome to the most wonderful day of the year. Happy Easter. Get rowdy, get merry, pop the champagne and party and party and party. This is Easter. This is the day the universe changed. Easter. Think about it. Dead. Now […]

There are more than 270 Compassion International kids in Uganda waiting for someone to sponsor them. Anna Grace is one of them. Can any of you guys sponsor her? UPDATE Sunday evening – Anna Grace has been sponsored! Thank you […]

I’m writing my Good Friday post on Saturday. Considering that we haven’t yet sent out our Christmas cards I’m way ahead of schedule. The post begins on Wednesday. My phone buzzes while I am in a business meeting. It is […]

Rod Dreher has written something beautiful about Holy Week and Jeremiah Wright… please read: I bring all this up because I am bothered by the idea that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright passes off his hatred of oppressors as somehow Christian, […]

These are scary days. A minister says something, some things, that are reprehensible, awful. Because he is the minister to a presidential candidate the things are elevated, scrutinized, analyzed. Does the candidate share the minister’s views? Is the candidate just […]

If you haven’t seen this, watch Mike Huckabee talk about Sen. Obama’s speech and Rev. Wright’s remarks:Particularly important is this paragraph: …And one other thing I think we’ve got to remember: As easy as it is for those of us […]

I’ve watched the speech again in its entirety and I am more blown away by it than I was the first time around. There are few political speeches in the last 50 years that are its equal and fewer still […]

Noted conservative thinker and author Charles Murray writes this about Obama’s speech: I read the various posts here on “The Corner,” mostly pretty ho-hum or critical about Obama’s speech. Then I figured I’d better read the text (I tried to […]

I joke a lot about my race. My father is Chinese. My mother is American. I like to say that I had a unique upbringing – that I was raised on tofu and grits. Or, since I am a blood […]

Jim Wallis is all over this: There is a deep well of both frustration and anger in the African American community in the U.S. And those feelings are borne of the concrete experience of real oppression, discrimination, and blocked opportunities […]