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Today, NIH, MRI. There’s a new policy in place there that requires a blood test before the MRI. So I went there late – I run late – got in line and was told to go to booth 13. I […]

I can’t quite bring myself to return to “normal” blogging. I’m not quite ready to return to “real” life. To do so feels like a betrayal of all that I’ve seen and, more importantly, all that I now know exists. […]

Landed last night around 8:30, was on the phone with Kim by 8:30:01, out of customs (where no cell phone usage is allowed) by 9ish, in a car moments later, on phone with Laura and Rachel a nanosecond later. Though […]

One of the great joys of the first four days of the trip was hanging out with the other bloggers who were there to visit Uganda. They were, to a person, extraordinary. Here are two of them – Carlos and […]

I’m sitting in a London hotel room having had a nice Lodon sleep after a nice London dinner. I am out of my skin excited about going home and seeing my family – I literally can’t wait. But there is […]

A quick follow-up on Benny and Uganda. I just checked Benny Hinn’s website for upcoming events. There is absolutely no mention of his Uganda trip. At the same time, more and more of these posters are going up around Uganda […]

I’m going to be uploading some rough video shots to give a sense of the places… this short one ends with that little girl sitting alone on the blanket… Online Videos by

Before I head back to the hospital this afternoon and before I begin the journey home tomorrow, some thoughts on what can be done here… initial thoughts I suppose: – Sponsor a child through Compassion International. The longer I am […]

I saw this poster on the wall of the cancer clinic today: Yes, this cancer clinic: And yes, this IS the same Benny Hinn who sent out a request for his followers to pay for his new Gulfstream jet. Benny […]