J Walking

Who won?
Wrong question.
Who did better, McCain or Romney? Right question.
Both had their moments. Romney was very strong when he was talking about his experience, about his record. He was comfortable at those moments and believable and compelling. After all, he is running to be chief executive. A good thing for him to remember.
But then there were all of those moments of ickiness… of him being snide and shrill and Ken Doll-like. He can’t get up there and get defensive about being attacked when the bulk of his campaign strategy to date has been about attacking other people. It makes it seem like he has a glass chin.
McCain went too far with his barbs. He was way too pleased with himself with lines like, “Governor we all know you are the candidate of change!”
But he has that strength and dignity that Romney simply doesn’t.
So, McCain over Romney.
Huckabee or Rudy?
I think Huckabee. He seemed more presidential than Rudy.

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