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What might Barack’s Obama’s fall look like were he to win the Democratic presidential nomination? Look no further than this lambasting from two prominent Christian conservatives:

Obama, who won the Iowa caucuses and came in second in the primary, was denounced as a “fundamentalist left-winger” on social issues by Focus on the Family’s (FOTF) Tom Minnery.
Minnery, FOTF’s vice president of public policy, pointed out that Obama is against the federal marriage amendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman; is against the abstinence program in sex education and for the distribution of condoms; supports a strong civil union law that would give all benefits to gay partners; supports embryonic stem cell research; and is in favor of permitting minors to cross state borders for abortion.
“This man is no friend to anything that we hold dear,” Minnery declared during the FOTF Citizenlink special.
“Without question,” chimed in Tony Perkins, president of the influential Washington-based Family Research Council.
Both Christian conservative leaders noted that Obama has built his campaign on the image of being the moderate voice and as the consensus candidate.
“He likes to say, ‘I bring people together across the aisle,’” Perkins said. “I don’t know what for, maybe for coffee or something, but it is certainly not for the past policies that are favorable for the family.”
Obama has only been in the U.S. Senate for three years, but his Illinois record is extremely liberal, according to Perkins, who was a former Louisiana state legislator. The FRC head further contended that the Illinois senator is so liberal that he challenges the establishment of the Democratic Party.

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