J Walking

Let’s think about the last week or so. What have we seen? We’ve seen the death of a young actor and the piranha press in the face of every mourning family member, friend, acquaintance. We’ve seen yet more pictures of Britney Spears teetering on the brink of who knows what… pictures taken by more packs of the piranha press.We’ve seen disgusting, truly disgusting politics in South Carolina full of lies and racism and distortions and innuendo and deceit and everything else that simply makes us want to take a shower – or just turn off the television or computer or radio. Then, tonight, there was this:No matter the slogans – and they do change a whole lot – this campaign isn’t about change and it isn’t about the economy and it isn’t about Iraq. This campaign is about hope. And there is nothing America needs more than hope right now.

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