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The headline on Drudge is a quote from Ed Rollins, “I want to knock out Romney’s teeth.”
Here’s the article and the full quote:

Rollins says, he told Huckabee, ” ‘Governor, this is what it means to be president. The president gets lots of advice and makes a lot of tough decisions . . . But you made the decision.’ ”
“I admire the fact he’s trying to change the environment,” Rollins says. “What I have to do is make sure that my anger with a guy like Romney, whose teeth I want to knock out, doesn’t get in the way of my thought process.”

The problem with American politics today is not a problem of actual aggression – it is all this passive aggressive stuff… the stuff of seventh grade girls. And, since I have a pre-teen daughter, I know a bit about seventh grade girl mentality.
So Ed spouted off and said he wanted to knock out the teeth of the guy who has been pounding on Huckabee while spending $7 million on his Iowa campaign. Let Mitt come back and say, “Meet me out back.” Maybe it would inject some honesty and genuine passion into the campaign.
Not too long ago a reporter friend told me about a heated argument between two Washington big-wigs – both men. It was at a cocktail party. Finally, one of them got so frustrated he threw his wine on the other guy. Not, mind you, the glass, just the wine itself.
Washington may have been better served if the two guys actually stepped outside and had it out.
I know that this is not the Jesus way. Turning the other cheek is. And so I am almost certainly wrong in my current thinking. However, it would be refreshing. It would be cleansing, therapeutic… better than the juvenile ways that currently define Washington politics.

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