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Several weeks ago I posted a story about our friend Roxanne who left her comfortable life in DC and headed to Uganda.
Now comes this story from Roxanne:

Five days ago two colleagues and I drove seven hours to Lira (northern
Uganda) to pick up a little boy and bring him down to Kampala for
surgery. Before we made the return trip, I had some free time so I went
to the Lira Referral Hospital to hand out sweets to the young patients.
While making my candy rounds, I was stunned when I encountered a boy
with a mysterious eye condition that’s so severe his eyeballs are
literally bulging out of their sockets. The boy, I learned, sits on the
edge of his bed day and night, trapped in a blind and painful world. He
hurts so much he doesn?t speak, and the doctors in the dilapidated
hospital said there was nothing they could do to help him.
As I looked at the child it hit me that I couldn’t help him alone, and
that though I’ve resisted asking anyone for financial help, if I didn’t
in this case I’d be unable to get this boy adequate medical attention.
God put it on my heart that I needed to ask friends in the U.S. to get
involved. But who I wondered, and began praying respectively for
Two nights later, when I was able to check my inbox for the first time
in more than a week, I found the answer to my prayers in the form of a
message and generous financial offer from a friend. Amazingly, when I
compared the date/time of the e-mail, I realized it was written and
sent at the very moment I was standing at the boy’s bedside and pleading
with God to bring someone along to help me help the suffering child. As
the Ugandans would say, “Can you imagine?!!!?”
I took immediate action by calling a Ugandan friend, Ambrose, who works
as a mentor for orphaned children in Lira. Ambrose went to the hospital and told the boy and his father that we are now able to help them. I meanwhile went to three
hospitals in Kampala and located an eye specialist that should be able
to help the boy. Tomorrow the boy and his father will make the long
journey south. I will then greet them at the Kampala bus station and
escort them to the hospital.
In addition, because of the generosity Ambrose was able to buy food for
a little boy in Lira that was burned from the waist down and had been
lying in the hospital starving. (His parents love him but couldn’t afford
food on top of the medical treatment their child requires). As a result of this
kindness, Ambrose was also able to purchase food for a loving mother who’s
caring for a mentally ill child who’s also been starving because of her lack of money.

The best evidence for God’s existence is when his people live like Jesus.
At least that is this boy with the eye problem probably thinks
<img alt="boy%20with%20eye%20disease.jpg" src="" width="235" height="303" /

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