J Walking

Every so often I just have to turn it all off. Turn off the computer, turn away from newspapers and magazines, turn off the radio and switch off anything that resembles news on the television. If I don’t, I begin to believe that absolutely everything is vitally important for my life RIGHT NOW!
I have to believe that every rape, murder, assault, snow storm, ice storm, candidate speech, purported candidate scandal, football game, etc., etc., etc. actually matters to my life. And the truth is that they really don’t matter all that much. They can distract and they can depress and sometimes they can uplift but they are more amusement than they are reality. So I have been unplugged for the last 48 hours.
I’ve been looking back at news stories from six months ago and at the purported urgency with which we dealt with them. And you know what? I don’t remember 90% of them… and I WROTE about them. Funny.
I’ll see you tomorrow.

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