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I got an email over the weekend and subject line was, “Paintings of Christ & I scored 100. I’m not ashamed.”
The email began with a number of paintings of Jesus. I’ve provided a selection below:
And then came this:

He is the only one that can save this country and they want him removed from the government.
Our great nation will not stand if we delete HIM from all aspects of our government as the atheists want.

And there is the problem of mixing Jesus and politics in one email. The purpose of the email wasn’t to tell people that Jesus could give them “life in full” or to celebrate Jesus’ inherent greatness. The purpose of the email was to say we should mobilize to make sure he stays in government. The supreme irony? Jesus never wanted into government in the first place! Remember that whole coin in the fish’s mouth? The “render unto Caesar” thing?
The question is not whether we have Jesus in our government. The question is whether we have Jesus in our churches and Jesus in the lives of those who profess to follow him.
I understand why such emails are sent. They are sent of good, good hearts and good intentions. But such is the problem of any seduction – one never sees it coming. And among Christians today there is a political seduction so cunning that most of us just don’t see it.
At the end of the email there was this test:

Jesus Test
This is an easy test, you score 100 or zero. It’s your choice. If you aren’t ashamed to do this, please follow the directions.
Jesus said, “if you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before my Father.”
Not ashamed Pass this on .. . only if you mean it.
Yes, I do Love God.
He is my source of existence and Savior.
He keeps me functioning each and everyday.
Without Him, I will be nothing.
Without Him, I am nothing but with Him I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Phil 4:13
This is the simplest test . . . If you Love God, and are not ashamed of all the marvelous things he has done for you. Send this to ten people.

The Jesus test has nothing to do with government and everything to do with whether we let him give us the love and grace we need and for which we long.

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