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November 2007 Archives

Amazing picture from today – Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize winner, in the Oval Office with President George W. Bush: One man won the election, the other became a statesman. Who would have guessed?

I stumbled across this painting by Ford Madox Brown over the weekend and am thoroughly captivated by it. I am particularly drawn to the disciples’ faces – it seems that in each of their faces is every emotional response to […]

I am beginning to wonder if Mike Huckabee is the Republican Barack Obama. Obama’s appeal is based, in no small part, on his optimism, on the sense of hope that he offers. He doesn’t come across as a jaded pol. […]

Our long weekend of family thanksgiving is over. My older daughters are back at home with their mom. The babies are asleep. Kim and I are trying to get the house back in basic functioning order. Our sweet dog Sam […]

I was crawling around the floor with my two-year-old on my back giving her a horsey-back ride when she said, “No Dad, piggy back ride.” Where on earth did that term come from? Has anyone ever seen a pig giving […]

In our bit of the world it is Thanksgiving as it ought to be – save the 70 degree temperatures. The trees are orange and yellow and… brown. The leaves are falling. All the kids are under our roof and […]

I got it wrong on the McCain commercial. It wasn’t actually a McCain campaign commercial. It was something a supporter put together as a kind of tribute. My thoughts on “higher power” talk remain the same.

Leave it to Mike Huckabee to come up with Chuck Norris in his campaign ad. The ad plays off Chuck Norris facts – a ridiculously popular website that lists, among other facts: Guns don’t kill people. Chuck Norris kills People. […]

Scott McClellan, former White House press secretary, has a new book coming out in April. His publisher has released a very short excerpt on its website: The most powerful leader in the world had called upon me to speak on […]

I saw this picture and was struck by how far America has come. For all of our many, many issues and many, many problems there are areas where we have seen nothing short of revolutionary change. Think about the picture […]