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Thinker suggest the study suggesting there are “five kinds of Christians” missed one. Here is a a snippet:

Let us include the “anonymous” Christians… …A friend of mine was once a missionary in Guatamala for an evangelical church. There could not have been more passionate Christians than my friend and her husband. It was in gathering money for hymnals for their church that she had her “aha” moment. Somehow the pastor felt that if only they had real hymnals, then they would be a real church. They saw the poor in the congregation disappear and middle class unite as they gathered the money. She saw people go without food so that they too could be part of this lovely Americanized church with real hymnals. And then she went out one night and discovered where the poor were gathered. A little nun – very old indeed – was feeding them, caring for them, and taking nothing from them. My friend watched and then felt she had found Jesus. It was in the breaking of the bread with the poor that she recognized him at last. Both she and her husband struggled through this time and are now a kind of Christian that does not fit anywhere. But Christians they are.

Her full thoughts can be found here.

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