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Federal prosecutors have gotten disgraced NFL star Michael Vick to set aside $928,000 for the care and placement of the 54 pit bulls rescued from his horrendous dogfighting operation. That is quite a lot of money by every standard – more than $17,000 per dog.
We live in a ghastly rich country. Michael Vick has (or had) a lot of money. It is humane to care for those animals. No arguments here.
But if it is true that dogs deserve to be treated well – to be cared for and loved – then shouldn’t it also be true that people suffering from genocide in Darfur deserve even better care?
Isn’t it true that human beings are of greater worth than animals? I don’t say this, as some have, as justification for hurting animals or destroying our environment. Quite the opposite actually – I believe our responsibility to God’s creation is extraordinarily high. That goes for the environment and it goes for our pets and it goes to how we treat the chickens and cows and pigs that eventually end up on our plates.
But don’t we have to ask ourselves whether our priorities are a bit whacked if we find ourselves more interested in caring for dogs than in caring for suffering people?

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