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Blackwater proving John Edwards correct

Blackwater Worldwide, the self-described “military company” at the center of much criticism, scandal, and attack, is doing a wonderful job proving John Edwards’ point about Washington’s culture of corruption.
In Edwards’ speech on Monday in New Hampshire, he said:

It’s time to tell the truth. And the truth is the system in Washington is corrupt. It is rigged by the powerful special interests to benefit they very few at the expense of the many. And as a result, the American people have lost faith in our broken system in Washington, and believe it no longer works for ordinary Americans. They’re right.


Is he right? Wrong? Nuts? Bold? Pandering? Prophetic? What?
Cut to today’s story in the New York Times on Blackwater.

Blackwater Worldwide, its reputation in tatters and its lucrative government contracts in jeopardy, is mounting an aggressive legal, political and public relations counterstrike.
It has hired a bipartisan stable of big-name Washington lawyers, lobbyists and press advisers, including the public relations powerhouse Burson-Marsteller, which was brought in briefly, but at a critical moment, to help Blackwater’s chairman, Erik D. Prince, prepare for his first Congressional hearing.


The article then goes on to document how former officials from the Bush and Clinton administrations, some of Jack Abramoff’s former associates, former senior Hill aides, and others are all being paid very large sums of money by this very, very wealthy company.
While this is clearly legal and it is clearly within their rights to mount a vigorous defense, there is something tawdry about this as well. There is something that just reeks about this wealth-trading insider game.
I have no idea what can be done about it – if anything. But something has to change here because this is really, really gross.

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posted November 1, 2007 at 12:01 pm

Edwards is an abulance chasing “lawyer.” As corrupt an institution as it gets. And he is throwing stones? Typical leftist ideology/theolgy. Blackwater employees should be able to defend themselves from the constant murderous attacks from Muslim gunmen. Edwards is head deep in his own corruption.
I’d take a Blackwater trained employee over a guy like Edwards, when my family needs protecting from killers, every single time.

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posted November 1, 2007 at 1:45 pm

Sorry Donny. The organized Church is at least as corrupt as the legal profession. (And I hope you never need a legal advocate to protect your rights, or those that the Bush administration hasn’t taken away.)

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posted November 1, 2007 at 3:08 pm

“Is he right? Wrong? Nuts? Bold? Pandering? Prophetic? What?” Yep.
But I agree with Donny. I don’t trust John Edwards to help me in a burglary.

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Adam S

posted November 1, 2007 at 3:23 pm

Since when was truth connected to personality? Either John Edwards has a point or he doesn’t. His job as a lawyer doesn’t affect whether or not is point on Blackwater is either right or wrong. Other than the fact that his law background may give him some insight into the legal realities of the situation. David asked a question about what John Edwards said, not whether you like him or not.

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posted November 1, 2007 at 3:38 pm

Mercenary killers are hardly what I feel I need to protect my family. Of course I don’t live in suburban Sodom, so maybe that makes a difference.
Who brought America to this point of shame and degradation where we torture prisoners and use faceless mercenaries?
Our Spirit-filled Born Again Evangelical Christian President is now so toxic that no GOP candidate even wants to say his name. In Bush’s slow motion transfiguration he morphs from a Man of God of dazzling whiteness into the Tarbaby that no one wants to embrace. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Can you imagine anyone– anyone!– saying he’d continue the “Bush Legacy”?

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Aaron R. Linderman

posted November 1, 2007 at 4:06 pm

Donny’s right; John Edwards is not one to be talking; he’s part of the culture of corruption and has been kowtowing to the special interests as much as anyone. Furthermore, his friend and former law partner, David Kirby, stands to make millions of dollars in pending litigation against Blackwater; you don’t see him telling the American people about that.

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posted November 1, 2007 at 4:06 pm

You know, lawyers get a lot of bad press. It used to be that most politicians and statesmen started out as lawyers. But based on the last 20 years, business me going into ‘public service’ have ended up making the lawyers look like choir boys. They may bend the law and argue stupid points (‘what is your definition of ‘is’?’), but they at least acknowledge that the law is there. They don’t treat it as if it is a general guideline that applies to most people, just not them.
I believe the state should keep out of religion. I think it needs to stay out of economics too – those two seem to corrupt each other as well.
As for John Edwards statement – I totally agree with him. So what that makes him is … the kid pointing out that the emperor has not clothes.

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posted November 1, 2007 at 4:09 pm

That’s ‘businessmen going into public service’ and ‘the emperor has no clothes’

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posted November 2, 2007 at 11:29 am

John is right on Rumsfeld as well…..maybe he is right for all Americans who believe in the constitution.
John Edwards’ ‘Bumper Sticker’ Complaint Not So Off the Mark, New Memo Shows
“As today’s Washington Post reveals, John Edwards was right all along that the War on Terror is a bumper sticker Republicans use to intimidate their opponents and squelch debate. As we’ve now learned, Bush’s former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was more interested in coming up with new ‘bumper sticker’ slogans then an actual strategy to end the war.”

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Larry Parker

posted November 3, 2007 at 4:35 am

But, directly or indirectly, the very act of working in the White House involves political salesmanship, right?
That’s not a criticism of you; rather (and don’t get me wrong, I’ve thought Blackwater creepy way before the recent shooting incident in Iraq), I think sometimes we all get too hyped up about the process.
People hate lobbyists; but in point of fact, their existence is constitutionally guaranteed in the First Amendment (“the right to petition for redress of grievances …”). The Founding Fathers quite intentionally wanted our government to be messy.

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