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Ok, watching sports can be a lot of fun – particularly when the Patriots or Yankees are losing or the Steelers or Mets are winning. But here is someone who is thinking long and hard – too long and too hard? – about his viewing habits:

Let me first say that as an unbeliever I was sports guy. I watched ESPN all the time, and any game that was on had my attention. I seamlessly transitioned between seasons worshipping….errr….watching my favorite teams. So I have a frame of reference for what being a sports fan is not supposed to be like.
So then I become a Christian and have to continually examine my life for idols, those vicious parasites that I affix to my soul that siphon off the worship of God. This is a good and healthy practice for all of us. So does the fact that I used to pervert sports mean that I should not enjoy them? I do not think so. I believe that sports, along with everything else that is not sinful, should be sanctified and enjoyed to the glory of God. So what follows is my own frame of reference as I watch sports.

Read the rest of the piece here and discover how you can watch sports and glorify God.

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