J Walking

A new thin place

There is nothing quite like getting away to a remote part of the Amazon jungle. Add to that the hunt for our fine finned friend, the peacock bass, and you have an amazing trip on your hands…
The guide takes you to a perfect fishing hole. Some fish are lost having bent even titanium hooks. But once the hook is set the battle is on. In the case of my 21 pounder, he made a mad dash for cover under some brush. But that never stopped a good guide. He slips into dark water of the Rio Negro and disappears out of sight. Suddenly he emerges from under the water with fish in hand. The fish is weighed, photographed with all, and then returned to fight another day.
Some fish are consumed. Some fishermen are consumed with catching even larger, world record breaking fish. Just a game of deception played with a fish for sport. Thank God for the experience. Thank God He is not playing such games with us. There is no catch and release in the kingdom of heaven.

Thanks Richard and please do send more Thin Places – I’m running low.

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