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From my friends at Providence Ministries… read on here.

It doesn’t look like it on Good Friday, but when Easter finally arrives it will be known that every single loving word and gesture done toward “the least of these” was done to Christ himself and made an eternal difference.
Easter IS coming.

Another thought on this from Greg Boyd:

If we didn’t have confidence Easter was coming, we’d be locked in a Good Friday world. The darkness that fell on the world during Christ’s crucifixion would be a permanent state of affairs. Every loss would be a final loss, with no recovery. Injustice, pain, death and meaninglessness would have the final world. The highest aspirations of the human heart would amount to nothing more than a sick joke, serving no point in the total scheme of things other than to torment us.
Thank God Jesus rose from the dead!
Everything shall be redeemed!!
And every single loving word and gesture inches us forward to this final victory.

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