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The paperback version of my book is now out.


A lot has been said and written about it – mostly from people who haven’t ever read it. That has been a challenge because the book is not fundamentally a White House book or a Bush book – I don’t even enter the White House until half-way through the book and leave a couple chapters before it ends. The book is a very personal story of my own experience living with the constant temptation to use my faith as a political tool and to use my politics as a tool for my faith. I hope that as people revisit the book, those things will begin to emerge in the conversation about the book.
I’ve been looking through reviews and stumbled across this one from the NYT that captures it well:

“Tempting Faith” turns out to be an engrossing piece of religious autobiography and a revealing, sometimes unnerving window into evangelical Christian culture.

Here is another one:

this poignant, compelling memoir has bigger themes… it shows how readily someone with the best intentions and noble purposes can be caught up in the heady world of Washington politics — to the detriment of family life and the warping of deeply held convictions. …his book doesn’t seem like sour grapes so much as a confession and a heartfelt plea for people to wake up. Christian political leaders are simply politicians, he says, and never the special pastors many evangelicals would wish them to be. A wise and refreshingly candid book, Tempting Faith is a parable about the limits of politics and the genuine demands posed by faith.

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