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Richard Land’s most important assertion in his post is correct. The language I used in my post on Mike Huckabee and evangelical leaders was, “unchristian, harsh and hostile.” While I stand by the substance of what I wrote – that […]

Bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza has a new book out – What’s So Great About Christianity. It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with defending the Christian faith against the recent attacks of men like Sam Harris […]

Last week Dinesh debated Christopher Hitchens. Here is a link to the full debate. Below is an excerpt:

A church in Kentucky isn’t preaching to Britney, they are praying for her and writing to her: “Take a few minutes and write a note to Britney Spears,” [Southland Christian Church Pastor Jon] Weese said. “No preaching. No criticizing. Just […]

Three thoughts on the NYT piece entitled “The Evangelical Crackup”. 1. The evangelical political leadership we’ve known for the past 20 years is headed out. The founding generation of leaders like Falwell and Dobson, who first guided evangelicals into Republican […]

Long and brilliant piece in today’s NYT Magazine on the cracking up of the evangelical political world. I’ll write more later but here is the piece’s core: Just three years ago, the leaders of the conservative Christian political movement could […]

I came across this piece that famed novelist Anne Rice wrote as New Orleans sank. It is as true today as it was two years ago. But to my country I want to say this: During this crisis you failed […]

There is something about those awful California fires and our government’s response and President Bush’s response that is bugging me. I’ve isolated the problem. It is two words long. New Orleans. Our government’s response to the fires has been basically […]

For all the talk about taxes and budgets and Supreme Court justices and gay marriage, here is something that Christians should be uniquely qualified to address – a ridiculously over-stressed nation. Forty-eight percent of Americans say they’re more stressed now […]

Ok, another random friday question: What is a cause for which you would be willing to give your life?