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Nice words on President Bush from Bono as he received the Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center:

I want to say that the current President Bush was not only gracious, he was
passionate — passionate about doing more for the poorest of the poor. And
smart enough to know that he wasn’t just letting a rock star run amok with his
staff. He knew that DATA — the organization being honored tonight — was
bursting with energy… filled to the brim with the best and the brightest policy
people and campaigners…

And even nicer words about America:

This is my country.
With humility and pride in my own
I say America is my country… in the sense that anyone who has a stake in liberty
has a stake in America.
For all you’ve been through, good and bad, this is my country too.
For every time I wince or gasp or punch the wall, when I read something that
galls, there’s another time I am reminded of your great generosity, resilience,
innovation, work ethic … your compassion.


Although today — today I read in The Economist an article reporting that over 38
percent of Americans support some kind torture in exceptional circumstances.
My country, no… your country – tell me no.
Today as you pin this great honour on me, I ask you … I implore you …
As an Irish man who has seen these things up close, I ask you to remember, you
do not have to become a monster to defeat a monster.
Your America is better than that.
Your America is the one where Neil Armstrong takes a walk on the moon
… because he can.
Your America is the one where so many Irish people discovered their value.
Your America is one where a brave military fought and died for freedom in places
like Omaha Beach and in the Pacific — give it up for president number 41, a true
World War II hero.
Your America gave Europe the Marshall plan
Your America gave the World the Peace Corps…
JFK, RFK, and MLK…
The Special Olympics
Bill and Melinda Gates
Warren Buffet
Of Dylan and Springsteen… the Bard and the Boss…
Steve Jobs
Local hero, Will Smith
The meditations of Mark Rothko
The poetics of Allen Ginsberg
Edward R. Murrow
Miles Davis
Quincy Jones
Mary J Blige
Frank Gehry
Of thee I sing. All of thee!
These are the reasons I’m a fan of America.
And one more: America is not just a country; it’s an idea. Isn’t it?
A great and powerful idea.
The idea that all men are created equal—that we are endowed by our Creator
with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness.

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