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In yet another article wondering why Mike Huckabee isn’t the Christian right’s darling, there is a hint as to the real answer.
Christian conservative leader, Mark DeMoss, who is helping Romney recently wrote to fellow activists:

“If I believed similar theology was paramount in a president, I would be writing this memo urging support of Mike Huckabee…”
“…the reason I’m with Mitt Romney and not other guys whose values and theology square with mine is not because they’re not electable; it’s because I believe Romney’s life experience and expertise makes him more qualified to be president.”
“When I interview somebody to work for me, I don’t just hire somebody because they go to my church and believe what I believe. So why would I do that when we’re talking about the president of the United States?”

Put another way, it could be that Huckabee’s faith is actually hurting him among all those Christians who trusted that Bush’s faith was all that mattered. They have so rebelled against that notion that they are putting their trust in the two men who are, in many ways, anti-Bushes. Giuliani’s liberal social policy and liberal social past and Romney’s Mormon faith would likely have disqualified themseles in any other election year. And Huckabee’s faith might have vaulted him up the polls. Not this year.

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